Viacheslav Kruglik


Viacheslav Kruglik was born in St Petersburg. He began to study composition at the Rimsky-Korsakov School of Music under A. S. Nesterov. From 1996–2001 he studied at the composition faculty of the St Petersburg State Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatoire (class of B. I. Tishchenko). Having graduated from the Conservatoire with honours, he completed a post-graduate study (2001–2004).

Has taken part in the festivals «Musical Spring», «Youth Academies of Russia», «Arena», international music festival «Stars of the White Nights», international festival «New Horizons», international festival «Brass Evenings at the Mariinsky», «Moscow Easter festival» and other.
 In 2005 he was a prize-winner at the All-Russian Mariinsky Theatre Competition as composer of the one-act opera The Carriage (The premiere has taken place in April 2009. Conductor – V. Gergiev). He created the ballet The Magic Ring, which was a prize-winner at the competition of Bolshoi Theatre and the Union of Theatre Workers to compose an opera and dance work for children and young people (2008).

Vyacheslav Kruglik is a member of the Union of composers of St. Petersburg, a member of the Union of composers of Russia, a member of the Board of the Music Fund of St. Petersburg, associate Professor of the St. Petersburg state Institute of culture. He is also a member of the jury of various national and international competitions.



  Opera "Сarriage" on the novel by N. Gogol. Libretto V. Kuprianova (2005) (Op. 19)

Opera "Speculator female" on the story by M. Zoshchenko "Don't speculate". Libretto V. Kuprianova (2013) (Op. 34)


Ballet "The Magic ring" on motives of Russian national fairy-tales (co-authored with S. Nesterova). Libretto composers (2008) (Op. 23)


 Fantasy for clarinet and chamber orchestra (1998) (Op. 13)

 Symphony for large orchestra (2000) (Op. 15)

"Duel Of Little Pianists". Piece for two pianos and orchestra (2010) (Op. 26)

The Time To Live And Time To Die" (on reading E. M. Remarque). Suite for Symphony orchestra (2010) (Op. 27)

"Princess Olga". Overture for orchestra (2012) (Op. 31)

Concerto for trombone and string orchestra (2012) (Op. 32)

Concerto for trumpet and string orchestra (2014) (Op. 41)

"Gerda", Overture for Symphony orchestra after the tale by Hans Christian Andersen "the snow Queen"(2015) (Op.45)

Concerto for violin and orchestra (2017) (Op. 49)

Concerto for harp and Symphony orchestra (2019) (Op. 55)


"Waltz" and "Gallop" for wind orchestra (1996) (Op. 10)

"My Lagan Love". Variation for wind band on the Irish theme (Op. 24 bis)

Humoresque for xylophone and wind band (2013) (Op. 35)

"Mashenka and the Bears", Suite for soloists and wind orchestra (Op. 50-bis)

"Dawn over St. Petersburg", symphonic painting for wind orchestra (2018) (Op. 52)

Solemn Overture for piano and wind band (2018) (Op. 53)


"Low Mark Again. The ballet scene on the picture by F. Reshetnikov (for orchestra of Russian folk instruments (2003) (Op. 18)

Romance for domra and orchestra (2011) (Op. 29)

Humoresque for xylophone and orchestra of Russian folk instruments (Op. 35-bis)

"The East Gardens Of The Imperial Palace" fantasy on Japanese themes for two domras and orchestra of Russian folk instruments (2014) (Op. 39)

Concertino for balalaika and orchestra of Russian folk instruments (2016) (Op.46)

"Mashenka and the Bears", Suite for soloists and orchestra of Russian folk instruments (2017) (Op. 50)

"University Overture" for orchestra of Russian folk instruments. (2018) (Op. 51)

Burlesque for small domra and orchestra of Russian folk instruments (2018) (Op. 54)


Two pieces for trombone and piano (1993) (Op. 1)

Piece for flute and piano (1993) (Op. 2)

Sonata for trombone and piano (1994) (Op. 3)

Piece for flute, bassoon and vibraphone (1994) (Op. 4)

"For three flutes" (1995) (Op. 5)

Sonata for cello and piano (1995) Op. 6)

Three pieces for piano (1996) (Op. 8)

Trio for trombones (1997) (Op. 11)

Variations for piano (1997) (Op. 12)

String Quartet No. 1 (1999) (Op. 14)

Sonata for flute and piano (2002) (Op. 17)

"Joke" ("The Fly and the Elephant") and "Little Rondo" for eight cellos (2005) (Op. 20)

"My Lagan Love". Fantasy for brass ensemble on the Irish theme (2008) (Op. 24)

String Quartet No. 2 (2010) (Op. 28)

Sonata for clarinet and piano (2011) (Op. 30)

"In A Cowboy Нat". Piece for mandolin and piano (2012) (Op. 33)

Overture on two Russian themes for the ensemble of Russian folk instruments (2013) (Op. 36)

"Winnie-the-Pooh and bees", poem for contrabass-trombone and eleven trombones (2014) (Op. 40)

Sonata for malaya domra and piano (2016) (Op.47)

"Harmoniums" for electroalfa and percussion (2016) (Op. 48)

"Where the crayfish winter", piece for flute-Piccolo, bass clarinet, violin, cello and piano (2018) (without opus)

"Storm", a musical painting based on the eponymous poem by A. S. Pushkin for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano (2019) (Op. 56)


Cantata "Roman Galitsky" for soloists, narrator, chorus, eleven brass and percussion to the words of A. Tolstoy (1995) (Op. 7)

Hymn to Auguste Montferrand for mixed choir and symphonу orchestra (2009) (Op. 25)

"Look For God", the cycle for mixed choir a capella on words by different authors. (2013) (Op. 37)


"Quietly". The romance on the word M Dudin (1996) (Op. 9)

"Three Сypresses". Vocal cycle for soprano and piano to words of Nazim Hikmet (2001) (Op. 16)

"About A Horse". Vocal cycle for baritone and piano to words of I. Irtenev (2007) (Op. 21)

"Duo Catherine and Petrucci", a comic play by play W. Shakespeare's "the taming of the shrew" (2014) (Op.42)

"The letter of a soldier", a song for baritone and Symphony orchestra. Verses by the unknown author (2015) (Op.44)

"Vivat, Saint Petersburg!", composition for folk choir and ensemble of Russian folk instruments. The Word Marina Meaning. (2016) (without opus)


The musical "Party" (co-authorship I. Goncharov) (2007) (Op. 22)

"Trouble From Gentle Heart", vaudeville on the  play by V. Sologub and "Petersburg lender", vaudeville on the play by N. Nekrasova (2013) (Op. 38)


  Music for animated film "The Power Of The Heart" (directed by Andrei Makarov) (2014) (Op.43)


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  Vyacheslav Kruglik